August 16, 2020

Characteristics and application range of samarium cobalt permanent magnet

1. Samarium cobalt permanent magnet has high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, its magnetic performance is better than alnico permanent magnet, ferrite permanent magnet, the maximum energy product can reach 239kj/m3 (30mgoe), it is alnico8 permanent magnet 3 times that of ferrite permanent magnets (y40), 8 times that of ferrite permanent magnets (y40). Therefore, permanent magnet components made of smco permanent magnets are small in size, light in weight and stable in performance. They can be used in electro-acoustic telecommunication devices, motors, measuring instruments, gyroscopes, and electronics. Clocks, microwave devices, magnetic machinery, sensors and other static or dynamic magnetic circuits.

  2. The samarium cobalt permanent magnet has a high Curie temperature and a small temperature coefficient, so it can be used at a high temperature of 300℃.

   3. Samarium-cobalt permanent magnets have high hardness, high brittleness, low bending strength, tensile strength and compressive strength, and should not be used as structural parts.

  4. The main component of samarium cobalt permanent magnet is metallic cobalt (co≥99.95%), so the price is more expensive.

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