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Company News About Product production process - sintering stage
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Product production process - sintering stage

Latest company news about Product production process - sintering stage

In the manufacturing process of permanent magnet ferrite, sintering directly affects the performance and characteristics of the magnet, improves the magnetic properties of the magnet, increases its mechanical strength and hardness, and improves its chemical stability and corrosion resistance. This makes the sintered permanent magnet ferrite have better performance and stability, and can better meet the needs of various industrial and application fields.


At present, our company has two sintering production lines, which are 48 meters double-layer kiln and 76 meters single-layer kiln, and we will strictly control each step to complete the batch sintering production of high-performance permanent magnet ferrite products.


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Today we mainly introduce the production process of 76 meters kiln equipment. This is an automated production equipment, workers will undertake from the pressing molding stage of the product, the shelf on the furnace inlet, at this time the equipment will complete the automatic transmission, each board of products in turn into the kiln, through the total monitoring, workers observe the situation in real time, regularly replace the new shelf in the furnace inlet.


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After the product enters, it passes through the heating zone, insulation zone and cooling zone in turn.

The heating zone is called the transition stage, which makes it transition from room temperature to sintering temperature. At this time, the green water volatilizes. Secondary formulation additives are decomposed into metal oxides by heat, removing substances such as water and carbon dioxide. When the temperature rises to 900℃-1000℃, the magnet begins solid phase reaction.

Holding area: At this time, the maximum temperature reaches 1125℃, and the solid phase reaction and grain perfection continue. A circulating fan is used to distribute the temperature evenly.

Cooling zone: with the furnace natural cooling, to avoid the product high temperature and air contact to make it burst and unstable performance.

The whole sintering process of the product is about 13 hours, and a plate of product is advanced every 5 minutes. The stable procedure ensures the high efficiency of the production process and the maintenance of product performance.


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Finally, it will pass the product inspection, test its performance indicators, reach the standard for the next step of production, unqualified product analysis, if the performance is not up to the standard due to low temperature, then by adjusting the temperature of the kiln for re-firing, on the contrary, the product will be waste treatment, it will be re-crushed production.


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Through rigorous control of the parameters of each stage, the whole process ensures that the product gets the best heat treatment effect and improves the quality and performance of the product.